Drone Code

October 2019


Drone use is growing at a rapid rate in the UK and our skies are some of the busiest anywhere in the world.

Dronesafe.uk is designed to help ensure that drone users in the UK can easily access the information they need about how to fly their drones safely and legally, without endangering others.

The objective is not to stop drone users having fun; it’s to help ensure that drone users have the information that will help ensure that whilst they’re having fun, they’re not posing a risk to any other aircraft or people.

For more information please visit the official dronesafe website -- CLICK HERE

You can find details about the requirements to fly a drone commercially from the CAA  -- CLICK HERE

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Facts and Figures

The BBC reported that new figures reveal more than 1,000 people die every year after falling down stairs.  However stairs awareness course are not going to be compulsory nor house owners with stairs in their homes need to have a special licence following the owners and users being subjected to a test that they must pass and pay a fee before they can use the stairs.

While drone related incidents are rare despite reports of near misses being on the up, surely anyone flying in a dangerous manner that has the potential to cause grief to anybody else should be dealt with seriously.  Do we need laws to tell us common sense should prevail?