Problem solved = Oh No it isnt!

This is the results from a brand new FIMI X8SE that has bad video image stability.  Despite the firmware updates and careful full gimbal calibrations the flights still produce wobbly and shaky images.  The take off point is solid and the gimbal at start up is clear and not obstructed in any way.  The wind is very low <10 and I am flying smoothly.  I have carefully checked all propellers and have swapped them around with the new extra propellers in the package.  Sadly, what ever I try does not solve the fault.

The first video below looks very good and take off from concrete and no obstruction for the gimbal movement appears to be a very promising video - however.....

The second video below is going up 35 metre and the car park wobbles are horrible.  The gimbal is failing to stabilise the image being recorded - very sad.

I have sent request to FiMi for help and advice and I am waiting for their reply ((24 October 2019))

I have received advice from FiMi Support about making adjustments to the Gimbal Parametres

Video 3 below shows the result after the adjustments and although a misty day here in the UK we can see a steady and smooth video

The video has been downsized for the website although you can clearly see that the jello effect in video 2 has gone in video 3

Since then on the next flight the jello problem has returned and again changing the Gimbal Gain seems to settle the wobbles a bit for a while

Then they return and are still there and I am at a loss what to do next ?? FIMI what are we going to do ??

Jello Effect Gone after applying FiMi Instructions

Next Day – Wobbly Car Park Back again Gimbal Gain Changes dont help

In the above video we see some Jello Wobble effect in our video feed and so we make adjustments to the Gimbal Gain to steady the image.  It has been suggested that different temperatures may affect the settings applied and therefore on a hot day opposed to a cold day the setting of Gain may be different and further calibration be required to suit your location.  If this video has helped you then please let us know.  It may help if you would tell us the manufacture date of your drone body and what setting % you found to work best for you and the approximate temperature of the day.  We will try to decide if there's any relations ship between the data in the future and we will let you all know here......

Gimbal Gain Settings Being Used

PercentageBody DateTemperature CCredit
39%June 2019<10CD
63%September 2019<10MetalHunter

Many other X8 owners are suffering from this wobbly Jello Effect in their videos - for more detail visit***Owner-s-Thread***

Fimi Notes not in the manual

The constant beeping indicates that the RC needs to be recalibrated. So you need to connect the remote to the Phone and start the fimi app. Then you need to go into the settings and tap on "calibrate Remote" .. Then you need to wiggle all sticks and then its done. Left Stick Up-centre-Right-centre-Down-centre-Left-centre and  then do same for Right Stick then you may be asked to move the left gimbal wheel all up and then all down follow on screen instructions and when success - well done - job done! (credit:rondadon)

Part of the update process involves the copy of the compressed .bin firmware update file that uses the SD card to unpack itself and install then to the drone. All this happens automatic and us users just download and install making sure all components are on and connected. When this happened to me I was advised to try a different SD card and that did solve the issue for me. (credit:hackra)

Advice received about the jello effect

Make sure all propellers are in good clean condition not causing vibrations. The Retaining screws are firm.

Take off from solid level surface - make sure gimbal is clear to calibrate itself.

Please check the gimbal cushioning ball (requires the customer to prepare and change it himself), which can improve the situation.

FiMi Support advises that Our engineer watch the video provided by you and he still suggest you to adjust the gimbal sensor parameter from 10-75.
Could you please try to do that again?
Setting-->gimbal-->advanced settings-->gimbal gain.
Please adjust the gimbal gain parameter from 10-75


Its quite normal for your motors to feel warm after flying.  If you can hold them without discomfort all is well.  Only concern should be the motors that feel uncomfortably hot to hold then further investigation may be required.  You should know if you have been driving them hard. Its also normal to find that the front pair are cool and the back pair are warm. If only one motor feels more hot than all the others then further investigation may be required. (Credit:Bardwell)

Sometimes the sky is very bright and the ground where your subject is may be dark.

A quick fix is simply to touch your screen where you want the correct exposure to be, an open padlock icon will appear at that spot and the camera resets its metering to that location.

Should you choose to have the exposure continue then double tap and you will see the padlock icon is now closed and the exposure remains at that level.

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